Commercial Construction Management

Structures that Work

At HCM Construct, we are passionate about building beautiful and functional commercial buildings and offices spaces.

For busy leaders, a new build can be extremely overwhelming and time-consuming. Not with us.

HCM does all of the heavy lifting, so you can get on with business. You won’t have to worry about applying for city permits, coordinating with suppliers, or managing the building process. We have our eyes on everything, so you can focus on your bottom line.

Known for our superior client service and tried-and-trusted project methodologies, HCM takes care of your entire project from beginning to end, ensuring cost efficiency and peace of mind.

Dedicated management to keep your project on track

You’ll also have a dedicated project manager monitoring progress and checking in regularly with you to provide current updates. Your manager will ensure you are in good hands by:

  • Managing changes proactively
  • Averting issues
  • Keeping work teams, designers ,and specialists on track to deliver a high-quality build, remodel or renovation in the agreed timelines.

We bring decades of construction management experience in the following commercial sectors:

  • Restaurants and food chains
  • Commercial office buildings (up to 9 stories)
  • Commercial office renovations
  • Retail stores
  • Big box stores

Planning a commercial project in the near future?

Contact HCM Construct today to get the ball rolling.